Monday, December 12, 2011

When moved... MOVE!

 We often hear the story of a piece of art that was love at first sight for a potential collector.  As the story goes the collector, walked into the gallery saw the piece and instantly fell in love.  For whatever reason they delayed in making it their own.  After agonizing over the commitment or in this case the non-commitment, they returned to find that it was gone.

Here is the thing.  Original art is original art and by virtue of this there is only one.  Once it is gone it is often gone for good.  Here, we would much rather regret the things we did than things we did not do so our message is this:  When moved, you better move.  These are ones we moved on...

Gretchen Gammell  "Morning Mourning"

Daniel Ochoa  "Piñata Moving"
-Art Cartel                                     

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