Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shop and Destroy

The economy is in a slump, a recession... a slow down.  How do we know?  The news said so.  We were out and about last week and it did not look like anyone watched the news.  In fact people were out buying stuff at a furious pace.  Their social awareness and tact seemed to vanish with every item selected.  No one held doors or bothered to look behind them.  Eye contact and courtesies were at a minimum.  The only thing anyone seemed to care about was getting the obligatory present in a fashion that seemed to say "check it off the list" and not "I'm thinking about you".

We are wildly optimistic and filled with love and affection for those around us... even the strangers at the mall who let the door slam on us.  We are aware of the misfortunes in the world and it makes us even more appreciative of the gift of friendship and the love of family.  Here is the thing... It's the holidays.  Who doesn't like receiving a present.  But when we can't see the menorah or the tree for all the presents it may be that we have lost our way.  It is true that it is better to give than to receive.  Give... not lavish.  Receive...  a gift.  Not stuff.  A gift.

From us to you...  Ellwood T. Risk "Shop and Destroy"

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