Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Pallet Desk

A desk says a lot about the person behind it.  We need a studio desk at Hallway Gallery that can be used for projects that are not suitable for the front desk.   The desk needs to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and ultimately moveable.  As far as what it says about the person behind it... this one says less trash and more cash.

We decided to make the desk using the wood from old pallets.  The aged slabs of a pallet are not the best wood for structural use on their own, but when adhered to a custom fabricated frame made of oak ply they become not only strong, but stylish as well.  Because we are not throwing out the pallets... less trash!

We decided after much deliberation (mostly Erik's) that purchasing a desk made in this fashion would be wildly expensive.  We also threw out many other ideas that were not versatile enough, not as environmentally conscience and just plain unattractive.  Because we were not spending more on inferior design and poor construction.. more cash!
Oak plywood frame in progress

Frame near completion

Leg cut-outs

Leaving behind the character of the pallet wood

 Perfectly imperfect






  1. Amazing build. Definitely got the look you were going for. Great weather look, yet so refined that it fits right in place with the fancy chair and shelves. What are the dimensions of the top of your desk?

  2. can you possible give more details or measurements supplies and cuts on how you built this. LOVE IT. THanks