Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New Name

In August of 2006 Hallway Gallery opened its doors in Bellevue, Washington with an opening exhibition of new work by artist Gretchen Gammell. It has been six years since and every year in August the gallery has featured Gammell’s work. The gallery changed locations twice consistently expanding and upgrading each time. The current location on Bellevue Way and 8th, the economic hub of the greater eastside of the state, is a brilliant, bright and sophisticated spot to showcase the international talent that comprises our roster of artists and Gretchen Gammell is no exception. This August we welcome Gretchen Gammell back to the gallery along with a new name.

Hallway Gallery will now be conducting business as Hall Spassov Gallery. Every successful gallery has a developed aesthetic and Hall Spassov Gallery certainly has theirs. Husband and wife owners Erik Hall and Amy Spassov made the difficult decision to change the name in order to define that aesthetic and clearly state the direction of the gallery. Representing such world-class talent as Rein de Lege, Ellwood Risk, Robert Chapman and JD Hansen the gallery brings a progressive selection of art to new and established collectors through out Washington and the United States.

Look for exciting exhibits throughout the rest of 2012 that include Los Angeles based Ellwood Risk, French artist Gerard Cambon, Italian phenom Emilio Valerio D’Ospina and Robert Chapman, assistant to mid-century master Willem de Kooning for the final years of his career.

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  1. Congrats on the new name and direction. I look forward to following your exciting exhibits from afar as I am in Arizona.