Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blondie Bench

Our good friend, Paul collects vintage cars.  He has an affinity for old Citroens.  During the course of restoring one of these beautiful cars he ordered blue leather that when viewed in person was clearly the wrong color for the car.  It was, however, the perfect color to make some "left of center" benches.  This highlights the first of them.

Like the "Beast" bench previously documented in our blog.  This bench was intended to mix the old and new.  The intention was to develop a modern shape, but add in classic details in the cushion.  What I came up with Amy named the "Blondie Bench".

I used deep tufting on the cushion to create the early classical feel.  It was interesting to see what would dominate the look, the color or the tufting.

I wanted to keep the design as simple as possible.  The risers for the glass are in the same proportion as the tufting.

The height of the glass lines up generally with that of the leather.

Making the glass tempered gave the edge of a slightly blue green hue.

The risers were constructed in three pieces.  Each has a bolt, polished metal sleeve and a pad.

Looks good in the studio too.

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